The new Digimon movie confirms release date in Spanish cinemas

Tom Henry

the new digimon movie confirms release date in spanish cinemas

The Digimon saga has always been one of the most loved by the community, both in the field of series and anime. This franchise has been missing for a long time, and it has not had all the impact and prestige of other sagas such as Pokemon.

But it seems that steps have been taken in the right direction to change that, and Digimon Adventure is the new digimon movie which will be released soon in cinemas in USA. The title of the film adaptation will be “Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning” and We will be able to see it starting December 1st.

It will be dubbed in both USAand Catalan. The news has been shared on the social network Twitter “X” by SelectaVision. If you want to know more current news About the world of cinema and anime, we invite you to follow our respective sections on the web.

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