The new form of Frieza in Dragon Ball, explained by its creator

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the new form of frieza in dragon ball, explained by

The new transformation is an evolution of Frieza’s origin.

The new form of Frieza in Dragon Ball, explained by its creator
Black Frieza has defeated Goku and Vegeta without problems

For years we have been able to see how Frieza has been gaining more importance in Dragon Ball despite the fact that with the advancement of the series the enormous power of this villain was left on the ground in one way or another. However, first with Golden Freeza and then with Black Freeza it has been observed that this character has even reached beat Goku and Vegeta as far as power is concerned, currently being the be strongest of Universe 7.

Under this same premise, it should be noted that this is added to the fact that a study has cataloged Frieza as a great military leader, which undoubtedly gives him much more weight to the character. However, it is not time to talk so much about his mentality as leader of his troops, but rather about the inspiration of black friezawhich although many compare it to Black Goku, has a much more specific origin.

Black Freeza is based on credit cards

First of all, it should be noted that as the personification of greed that he is, Frieza was originally inspired by big businessmen and bankers that plagued the Japanese economy at the end of the last century, and when it came to bringing it back, Toyotaro and Toriyama saw fit to give it a new transformation, which took the form of Golden Frieza and was characterized by that same golden color. However, the desEsports Extraswas not accidental, since was inspired by gold credit cardsone of the most valuable.

Following this logic, Frieza’s new transformation, Black Freeza, is the evolution of this conceptsince the Black cards have a higher value than the gold ones, which makes sense precisely to the fact that Black Frieza is much more powerful than its previous version, being also capable of defeating the Saiyans without problems.

For the rest, it should be noted that currently Dragon Ball Super manga moves away from Frieza because androids are once again the central theme. However, it is expected that the villain will return in the future knowing that Vegeta and Goku are training to defeat him.

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