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The new free game from the Epic Games Store is now available; Goodbye will be next week

Epic Games Store It has been updated by offering a new free game for PC on the occasion of its already traditional promotion that offers one or several weekly gifts, specifically every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. (USApeninsular time).


This week, the Epic Games store has chosen to give away Epistory – Typing Chronicles, a curious role-playing and typing game developed by Fishing Cactus. Its usual price is 11.99 in the Epic Games Store, although until January 26 at 5:00 p.m. (USApeninsular time) it can be obtained completely free of charge, keeping it forever in our library without having paid for it.

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epistory immerses you in an atmospheric game in which you play a girl riding a giant fox who fights against corruption of an origami world. As you progress and explore this world, the story literally unfolds and the mysteries of the world are revealed. magical power of words“, we can read in its official description.


How to get this free game for PC on the Epic Games Store?

Get the free game from the Epic Games Store it only requires that we have a user account open on the platform, and if we don’t have it we can always create one for the occasion. We do not need an active subscription or a paid account, but simply access the store and make the purchase of Epistory – Typing Chronicles without paying for it. Next we explain this simple process Step by Step:

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  • SEsports Extrasin or sEsports Extrasup to the Epic Games Store.
  • Access the Epistory – Typing Chronicles page.
  • Click on ‘Get’ and the ‘Checkout’ window will open.
  • Agree to share your email address with the game publisher.
  • Click on ‘Place order’ and then on ‘I accept’.
  • Done, you have Epistory – Typing Chronicles free on the Epic Games Store.
New free games from Epic Games Store.

In addition to this new free game, the Epic Games Store has also announced what will be the next gift to offer its users next week: it is about Goodbye, a dramatic story in which we put ourselves in the shoes of a farmer on his last day of life, during a long conversation with the hit man who will kill him when night falls. It can be achieved free from January 26 to February 2.

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