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The new game from the creators of Life is Strange seems set in the 90s

At the moment it seems that the project is in an initial phase.

The new game from the creators of Life is Strange seems set in the 90s
Max and Chloe are the two main protagonists of Life is Strange

Don’t Nod is a studio that is very well known within a certain sector of the community, since after all, they are the studio and the team that has been behind the titles of Life is Strangewhich, to a lesser or greater extent, have managed to captivate a large audience thanks to its history and mechanicsgiving rise to that even in the first game many debated around what was the good and bad ending.


By the way, it must be said that the study is not that it has been stopped, since just a few months ago they announced Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden at The Game Awards, which they classified as his most ambitious project till the date. However, in this case we bring you a new gamealthough it has not yet been shown.

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The new project is looking for personnel for its development

During this last week, Don’t Nod has made use of social networks to promote one of their upcoming projects, and as reported by VG247, it has been shared an image of the new video game on the Twitter account which also shows us a certain influence and setting of the 90s, being able to even see a console that looks a lot like the NES (but with a different controller), among many other elements such as VHS tapes, which if you are under 25 years of age it is better that you ask another adult what they are.

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Now, this has not been done arbitrarily, but the objective of the tweet is in announce that developers are being sought for the projectthus giving rise to the fact that in this case it is the Montreal studio that will be in charge of developing this game, which, due to its aesthetics alone, is far from the aforementioned Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden.

For the rest, it will be necessary to be a little more patient to be able to see more of the project, since everything indicates that there is still It must have years of filming left if they are looking for personnel in a more general way. Therefore, it is quite likely that we will see this game, whatever it is, on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and, if anything, on the successor to Nintendo Switch or even on this one if it is still on the market.

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