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The new GPUs launched by NVIDIA correct a “bug” in the RTX 40

chips are not manufactured at 4nm

The new modified NVIDIA chips still have a lot to say, more than what we saw yesterday. And it is that an interesting study has been carried out on the changes that they will imply and why the company is now launching these chips on the market. Well, the answer is to correct an “error” that could not be done at the time when the RTX 40 was launched and that was corrected through the PCB of the card, that is, externally to the GPU chip. Now, NVIDIA has managed to redirect the situation and includes it within it, hence the launch of these new GPUs without the so-called U121.


The key point is the so-called “Comparator” or Comparator technically written in English. This is related to GPU voltage and its function at NVIDIA seems to be exactly what its name describes: compare voltage values ​​to verify that the internal and external measurements are correct. Why was it done like this and now it moves inside the GPU?

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NVIDIA AD104-251 and AD103-301: a change and a goal


The two new chips are not that they are new as such, it is that they are simply what they should have been standard from the first moment. The reasons for moving this U121 voltage comparator inside seem more technical than manufacturing, that is, it is part of the desEsports Extrasand rearrange components on the chipbut it also responds to the need, apparently, to offer the same GPU for PC and laptop, which is layered or unlocked as needed and the quality of the ASIC itself can be seen.

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The new study through Igor’s Lab shows the changes in the PCB of the cards, which does not affect either the performance or the consumption of each RTX 40 model. The curious thing is that the RTX 4090 already had the Voltage Comparator inside the chip itselfbut the RTX 4080 has it on the PCB, which suggests what we have discussed before, since the new models will already come with this modification of the “bug” from NVIDIA.

U121, this is how the Comparator is typified in NVIDIA


The study reveals that the PCB has a voltage comparator named as U121. This will be located differently on the printed circuit board depending on the manufacturer’s desEsports Extrasin question, but on the FE models, which are all the same.

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In addition, this comparator is linked internally through physical connections with the parameter known as “Initial fan speed”. Therefore, in addition to comparing the voltage, it has a double function and that is to control its RPM, which at the same time are also linked to temperature.



So this Comparator will now be integrated into the GPU itself doing the right job, but chips left without it will continue to be used with current PCBs while manufacturers adapt new PCBs to NVIDIA’s new design, which theoretically means a few dollars less in materials and simplification. of the basic circuitry also in laptops.


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