The new head of Battlefield believes that EA distanced itself from the saga with Battlefield 2042

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Vince Zampellaresponsible for the future of the saga Battlefieldhas granted an interview to Barrons in which he has spoken about the bad reception that Battlefield 2042 has had since its launch. In his statements, Zampella points out that those responsible for this latest installment they were too ambitious with the proposal, separating himself from what he considers the essence of the saga and forgetting to look for the fun part in the novelties that they wanted to incorporate into the game.

“I think just they distanced themselves too much from what it is Battlefield“, begins by saying Vince Zampella in the interview, and continues: “They tried to do a couple of things that were maybe too ambitious, like increasing the number of players and such. I don’t think they would spend too much time iterating on what makes that fun.” Battlefield 2042Electronic Arts bet on games of up to 128 players although shortly after its launch it was confirmed that the servers would be filled with bots.

The new Battlefield is “a completely new structure”

In the interview, Vince Zampella has not only looked at the past of Battlefield but also to the future for which he is now responsible: it was recently confirmed that he already there is a “narrative campaign” in development specifically in the hands of the co-creator of Haloa first step in that goal of achieving that universe Battlefield connected. “It’s a completely new structure”Zampella affirms during the interview. “We’re bringing multiple studios together. We’re bringing in the best talent and giving them time to do something amazing,” she concludes in the interview.

As this new plan bears fruit, Battlefield 2042 continues to be available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In Vandal We played it thoroughly to tell you in our analysis that “it is a continuous installment that fans of the saga will like, but that leaves it up to the community to create new modes and fun aspects, arriving with little content and several bugs that weigh down the experience”. You can also take a look at our complete guide to get the most out of its possibilities.

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