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The new IA GT Sophy arrives in Gran Turismo 7

Today, February 22, it is already available for free download gran turismo 7 the latest monthly update, incorporating a new Artificial Intelligence system called by the Japanese Polyphony Digital GT Sophy, in addition to the previously announced compatibility with the PlayStation VR2 virtual reality device.

This new addition to the well-known driving title promises “never seen” in its version for PS5, obviously since it is a VR viewer.

Technical characteristics

It will be possible to fully enjoy and take advantage of virtual reality, except for the two-player split-screen mode, taking advantage of its hardware advancements, such as optimized HDR tone mapping, intelligent eye tracking and dynamic 3D audio.

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This also allows players to enjoy their collection of cars in ultra high definition, as well as the different scenarios. It also renders different points of view and even the possibility of moving around the interior of the vehicle.

Gran Turismo Sophy Race Together

This new update also incorporates a new mode. Gran Turismo Sophy Race Together will be available for a limited time, where players will take on a new artificial racing intelligence, developed between Sony AI, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Polyphony Digital. It will be available until March, for players to try and give feedback to improve the features of this game mode against the machine.

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The Grand Valley circuit returns

Another novelty is the return of the Gran Valle, a mythical circuit of the franchise since the first edition of Gran Turismo, although it will not be as we remember it. It has undergone a complete makeover, with faster sections made up of more technical corners. We also found large changes in elevation and blind curves.

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new cars

Players will also be able to use some of the new cars from the update, as well as prototypes, which include the following models:

  • Honda RA272
  • ItaldesEsports ExtrasEXENEO Vision Gran Turismo
  • Citroen DS 21 Pallas
  • Porsche 911 Carrera RS (901)

Finally, the creative Scapes mode will allow players to photograph their cars, capturing the drifts.

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