The new Iron Fist shows what role Danny Rand plays in Marvel

Tom Henry

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Danny Rand is no longer Iron Fist, but he remains very close to the character’s legacy.

After a comic book series that has been published for almost fifty years, Danny Rand is no longer the new Iron Fist of Marvel. The former expert sword master, Lie Liehas assumed the legacy of the character and has obtained the powers of the Immortal Weapon of K’un-Lunbut the new hero embodied in Iron Fist still need some advice on how to act within the marvel universe.

Danny Rand is no longer Iron Fist, but he remains very close to the character’s legacy

The two heroes did not have the best start. Both iron fists they crossed paths when a danny rand Powerless, he was approached by a group of demons, but managed to contain them thanks to his skill in martial arts. Overwhelmed by his aggressors, Rand was rescued by who was to be his direct successor, Lie Lie. The two teamed up in an attempt to defeat the demonic threat. Lie fled the scene afterwards, only for rand follow him to a nearby rooftop. rand offered to be the mentor of the new Iron Fistbut Lie declined the offer and turned his back on rand.

The new Iron Fist shows what role Danny Rand plays in Marvel

Right now danny rand began his search to locate the new Iron Fist and become his teacher. Now in Iron Fist #5of Alyssa Wong and Michael Ygthe offer that ** Danny Rand ** made at the time has been accepted, as Lin Lie finally finds a balance between his swordmaster powers and Iron Fist, and you accept that you need to learn from multiple mentors to harness their skills instead of going it all alone. The moment sees danny rand maturing from superhero to kung-fu mentor, a change that is unlikely to be reversed and will remain in Marvel at least for a while.

The reality is that this is a perfect role for danny randas it is one of the only Iron Fist in the story he has the opportunity to train who will be his successor. In all the years it’s been K’un-Lunthere has only been one Iron Fist in the same generation. Until Dannya demon was tracked down and killed each Iron Fist at the age of 33, and K’un-Lun then named a new Immortal Weapon. danny rand he has seen this status quo break twice in his life: first with the resurgence of his exiled predecessor Orson Randall in The Immortal Iron Fistand later when a young girl named Pei was prematurely infused with the power of Iron Fist.

The new Iron Fist shows what role Danny Rand plays in Marvel

Orson Randall would become the first Iron Fist in recent memory in meeting his successor, establishing himself as an unexpected mentor for daniel rand and also giving him what is known as the Book of Iron Fist long lost, a detailed account that tells all the stories and achievements of the Iron Fist above and a guide to the myriad abilities bestowed by the chi of Shou-Lao the Undying. By training both Lie and Pei, Danny is therefore the only one Iron Fist who knows his predecessor and immediate successors, giving him a unique perspective on the heroic legacy passed from one to another.

Although it is true that the time danny rand What Iron Fist It’s probably over for good, Lin lie is a fascinating and highly rated replacement, and fans of Marvel who love Danny now you can see him in the role of mentor to a headstrong young hero who is finding his own path with a new set of powers and a wide range of abilities.

The new Iron Fist shows what role Danny Rand plays in Marvel

Beyond the comics, Iron Fist has already been adapted for the small screen in a television series that was produced by Netflix. The series stars Finn Jones, who plays the character of Marvel Iron Fist. Iron Fist It has two seasons.

Iron Fist #5 is already available.

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