The new LoL chat tool that the community loves

League of Legends now has received patch 13.4. In it numerous changes have come to the game. The most important are related to the supportswith the jungle experience and the murders and of course with the gain or loss of LP. However, the developer implemented an update that nobody expected and that can be more than important when playing games.

It is related to the LoL chat. On this occasion we find a function that allows us to let all our colleagues know that we have silenced the chat. Not only that, but we can silence ourselves but still read the allies or, on the contrary, write the acquaintance ‘/muteall‘ but making our colleagues aware of it.

In this way, they will not write to us for no reason, since they should already know that we are not going to read anything they write to us.

This is the new LoL chat tool

We can launch this new tool through two completely different commands that we will explain below:

  • /muteself: It will serve to prevent us from using the text chat, although we will continue reading our allies. In addition, by using it we will inform our colleagues that we have disabled our chat. If the command is written again we will re-enable it.
  • /deafen: It will prevent us from using the text chat and that we read what the rest of the players in the game write. It will also notify everyone that we have muted the chat. Retyping it will re-enable LoL chat.

For now, this change is more effective than we might think. And there are times when our allies and even ourselves write to a colleague who has silenced the chat. With these two tools, now it will be easy to know who we can write to and who won’t read us even if we try.

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