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The new Scarlet and Purple expansion of the Pokemon Card Game now available

As part of your With the annual “Together with Pokemon” promotional campaign, The Pokemon Company International is giving Trainers around the world a new way to feel part of this celebration by shining a spotlight on different Pokemon throughout 2023, thus inviting fans the community to discover and learn more about a series of unique Pokemon of the brand.

The first phase of this program, called “Discover Pokemon Together,” begins today and stars Lechonk, a Normal-type Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.


In celebration of “Discovering Pokemon Together: Lechonk,” The Pokemon Company International released a new video showing the adorable gluttony of this Pokemon as it forages for berries in its natural environment. Fans can learn more about Lechonk here.

In addition, Trainers can discover Lechonk through a wide variety of merchandise and in-game events starting today and throughout the month of April 2023.

Release of the expansion scarlet and purple TCG Pokemon with special promotions


Trainers will have the opportunity to discover Lechonk playing with the new expansion of the successful Pokemon TCG, scarlet and purple, which is available today in Booster Packs, Elite Trainer Crates, and Special Collections at regular retailers around the world. The new expansion, which is inspired by video games Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violetintroduces a revamped version of Pokemon ex, a game mechanic based on Pokemon that boast high HP and powerful attacks and abilities, and also introduces Pokemon ex Teracrystal to the Pokemon TCG.

To celebrate the release of the expansion scarlet and purpleTrainers can visit participating specialty stores in Mexico and WePlay, and Zmart and Geeks in Chile to pick up a special Lechonk promo card from scarlet and purple with any qualifying online or in-store purchase of $15 or more in Pokemon TCG merchandise.