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‘The New Sneak Attack’: Baldur’s Gate 3 fan does a ludicrous 1170 damage with his Owlbear Bomb, crushing everything

'feels like i'm ripping off larian' baldur's gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 certainly doesn’t plan to do that much damage – but it’s still possible.

With its spells and mechanics, Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a veritable playground of opportunities to let off steam creatively. This not only leads to some funny moments, but also to the fact that fans explore exactly where the limits of the game actually lie. This is also the case with this absurd trick that should end almost every fight in one go.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Owlbear Druid crushes everything in one go

A fan posted a video on Reddit of his strategy, which resulted in an insane 1170 damage for a single attack. Here you can see the work of art directly:


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How does it work? To be able to do this, his character must first be a druid and have reached level 6. Then this class can turn into an owl bear.

These beasts have a skill that can be exploited for evil. The “Crushing Flight” ability usually deals just 3 to 20 damage. But it has an essential quality: if you use it, the owl bear does not take any fall damage – in contrast to the opponents it hits.

Accordingly, the fan has prepared a very special strategy for the fight against the crisp boss opponent Grym in the adamant forge. He leaves his druid with a second character at the highest possible spot before the forge shuts down and the fight begins.


Then the other character casts Zoom in on the Owlbear. That multiplies his weight again. And then Crushing Flight finally comes into play. The Owlbear leaps onto the enemy, dealing 10 damage from the attack… and 1,170 more from its acceleration and mass. Very simple physics!

No increase? Just take boxes!

In the comments, many fans celebrate the strategy and lament that they themselves did not come up with a similarly easy solution to the boss fight. “Are you telling me that I beat the robot endlessly just to learn that I could have solved it just by sitting on it?” asks a fan.

Another jokes that the villain’s otherwise powerful sneak attacks seem ridiculous: “And I thought I killed him quickly. So much for Astarion, the Owlbear is the new sneak attack.”


Of course, the strategy also depends heavily on the owl bear being able to get to the decisive height difference. But other fans have already found a solution for this: If you stack enough boxes, you can use the owl bear bomb almost anywhere!

Have you done something similarly absurd with the mechanics in Baldur’s Gate 3?