The new Super Mario Bros. Wonder will include mechanics and novelties never seen before in the saga

the new super mario bros. wonder will include mechanics and

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The new Super Mario Bros. Wonder will include mechanics and novelties never seen before in the saga

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Nintendo shared today news of Super Mario Bros. Wondera long-awaited new 2D platform that the company announced just two months ago and that will be released on October 20 on Switch along with a new special edition console in red.

During the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct Today we have been able to take a broad look at the playable details of this new title, including the forms that Luigi, Peach and Daisy will adopt when they consume the already famous elefanzanapower-up that turns everyone into an elephant. That is just one of the great novelties of the game, although there is more: if we only talk about power ups we could highlight the Bubble and Drill transformationsbut that’s not the case because the mysterious Wonder Flower will completely change the gameplay and even allow us to become Goombas or spiked balls.

Unlockable abilities, new enemies and multiplayer

Of course there are more news regarding the gameplay of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, not only those related to power-ups: one of the new features that attracts the most attention is that this new Super Mario allow us to choose special abilities for our character before starting the game. This will be done through Badges that we can get in our adventure through the Flower Kingdom, where this game takes place, and they can bring mechanics as exciting as that of propel yourself underwater, cling to walls, or become invisible.

They have also been presented new enemiesLike the grasshopperwhich will imitate the players when they jump, or the Piraa Sandas, which will shoot nuggets from their mouths. And finally, details have been confirmed about his multiplayer sidewhich in local mode allow up to four people to share a game on the same screen and in mode on-line “Allowing you to see the levels that your sync pairs are playing at that moment, play a level in company or have a friendly race at certain levels”, as explained by Nintendo.

Under these lines you can see a gallery with new images of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

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