The new The Witcher is not The Witcher 4 or exclusive to Epic, they insist from CD Projekt

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CD Projekt RED surprised us yesterday by announcing that they are already working on a new video game The Witcher, a delivery for which we still do not know a release date or platforms on which it will be available, but which is already in development in Unreal Engine 5 as a result of a multi-year agreement with Epic Games. Now a person in charge of the company has offered some more information about the project, although basically he has focused on clarifying some details that the public has misunderstood after the brief announcement, such as that not to be The Witcher 4 (although for convenience and in the absence of an official name we use that title to refer to him).

Nothing of The Witcher 4: Being a new saga within the franchise

Radek Adam Grabowski, Director of Public Relations at CD Projekt REDhas commented on his personal twitter account some clarifications regarding yesterday’s announcement. In the first place, the company spokesman wanted to make it clear that the new The Witcher It is not The Witcher 4, which means that it will not be a continuation of the Geralt of Rivia trilogy but a new saga, as was already made clear in yesterday’s announcement. Theories about whether the sorcerer might not be the protagonist of this game have spread like wildfire on the net, although that is something that CD Projekt RED has not clarified at the moment. What we know so far is that be a new saga in the franchise The Witcheras Grabowski explains in his tweet.

Not be exclusive to the Epic Games Store

Regarding the platforms on which the game will be available, Grabowski assures in his message that the development agreement with Epic Games does not imply an exclusivity in the launch of the title itself. In other words, the new The Witcher not be exclusive to the Epic Games Store when it is released on computers. The collaboration between both companies focuses on the development of both this game and the engine itself, a tool that CD Projekt RED will help to grow with multiple video games that will be created in it.

At the moment, that is all the information that CD Projekt RED has wanted to share about the new The Witcher: We do not know a release date or platforms, but neither are details of the story, characters or mechanics, something that Radek Adam Grabowski has also insisted on.

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