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The new Wild Hearts update is now available with a new kemono and weapons

EA Originals and koei tecmo present the second March update for Wild Hearts which is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. In this new update it introduces a new subspecies of Kemono called Shadowfly. Players will be able to find it on the island natsukodachi. In addition to this, two new weapons and armor have been included.

This new prey for hunters is family of the terrible lupoglacial. Luposombrío has the ability to control two elements; fire and water. The most striking thing is that if your anger levels argue, they will condition these two elements that you control. Upon reaching the peak of his rage, he will change the waves of the sea into flames of fire, unleashing molten rock attacks. Hunters will have to use farros to combat the molten rocks and the enraged sea, trapping the creature.


In this new expansion, hunters will be able to craft two new weapons with the materials obtained from the Luposombrío. One of them has the ability to deliver powerful blows that shatter heaven and earth. The other combines the strength of the kemono with the human brain to create the perfect weapon. A new set of shining armor will also be available, along with three new missions where players can earn chat stamps and emotes for each victory.

Lastly, improvements and balance adjustments have been included in this patch to improve the gaming experience. And more details have also been teased about the next content update that will take place on April 6. In this a new kemono, new weapons and a new armor will be presented. Plus a new karakuri spinning top and overlimit system.

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