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The next Capcom Cup has a prize for the winner of one million dollars

It is well known that in recent times if you have a special talent for playing certain games (especially those that have a multiplayer challenge) you can win large sums of money by participating as a professional player in their tournaments and championships. Now, if you are a professional player of the Street Fighter series, you can aim to pocket up to a million dollars in the next Capcom Cup.

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The upcoming Capcom Pro Tour will be the first official tournament in which Street Fighter 6 will be played in official competition, although considering that we just saw Capcom Cup IX, we will have to wait a bit to see the impressive prize pool.

The prize pool will go up to $2 million, so even if a player doesn’t come out on top, they’ll likely go home with a good chunk of money.

Have you followed the latest Capcom Cup? How about the tournament’s million dollar grand prize?

Street Fighter 6

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