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The next Sonic game would already be in development and this would be his great inspiration


The next Sonic game would already be in development and this would be his great inspiration

SEGA is taking ideas for the new Sonic adventure.

This is how the blue hedgehog would look now in the Sonic Adventure saga

After the occasional disappointment and the occasional remastering, 2022 was the year that the blue hedgehog was finally able to experience the revival of the blue hedgehog on consoles with sonic frontiers, a new game concept that has managed to catch on among players, who can live an adventure like never before within the saga. Although it is true that this year it will be time to receive free additional content in the title, it seems that SEGA is already developing a new project of the character.

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Morio Kishimoto, director of Sonic Frontiers, has recently explained that he is thinking a lot about the way boosts work in 3d sonic games, the way in which the blue hedgehog picks up speed to run at full speed. “When I started working on this game, I was very concerned about whether or not boosting was possible, and I decided that it was possible. I’m still thinking that for the next title I’d like to try a Sonic game with no boost.“, Explain.

In this way, Kishimoto anticipates that Creative decisions are already being made for the next Sonic game. “Of course, we understand the benefits of momentum. Will co-exist and experiment with boost and spin dashso don’t worry“He continues to explain.

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Surprisingly, the director concludes that while boosts will continue to be part of Sonic’s moveset, he has the desire to “to try a level desEsports Extraswithout boost, like the adventure series. After all, the Adventure series is legendaryThus, the future title of the saga would take references from said series.

Sonic Adventure Could Inspire The Next Blue Hedgehog Game

The Sonic Adventure saga began in 1998 for the Sega Dreamcast and functioned as the first main game in the Sonic the Hedgehog saga as a 3D platformer, with a sequel for Dreamcast and Gamecube in 2001. Now, although it seems difficult that SEGA recovers the saga with a new continuity game, the company will be able to bet on rescuing some of its ideas in the future game of the blue hedgehog.

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Meanwhile, Netflix’s new animated series has revealed Sonic’s multiverse, while the third live-action film is in pre-production.

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