The Nintendo Switch 2 already disappointing on a crucial point?

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the nintendo switch 2 already disappointing on a crucial point?

New week, new rumor around the Nintendo Switch 2. This time, an important element of the hybrid console has reportedly been revealed.

If Big N is not ready to abandon the Nintendo Switch and its millions of users anytime soon, the Japanese publisher is looking to the future. It’s no longer a secret for a long time, the manufacturer is slowly but surely preparing for the arrival of its successor. A machine that would retain the hybrid format established by the console with some 129 million units sold. Obviously, the rumors are going well and have been intensifying since Gamescom 2023. Several colleagues and serious sources agree that the Nintendo Switch 2 (or whatever its name is) was shown to several developers selected on the blind. They would even have heard of important information: the autonomy of the console.

The autonomy of the Nintendo Switch 2 already known?

The Nintendo Switch 2 rumor of the week is here. Regularly, the future console gets talked about, without ever anything firmly concrete. THE insiders, unscrupulous sources as well as those honestly more reliable all go there willingly. Difficult to distinguish the real from the fake at times despite the reputation of the individuals, especially when the latest rumors speak of a release date, a price and even several models. Everything is said and contradicted, but it is indeed potential new information that would have been revealed. Oldpuck, a reputedly reliable leaker regarding the red brand, claims that the autonomy of the Nintendo Switch 2 would be less than expected.

I have been told that the first meetings intended for partners speak of an autonomy objective of 3 to 6 hours », he explains on the Famiboards forums. For comparison, the first models of the Nintendo Switch could last between 2.5 and 6.5 hours, when its revision could go up to 9 hours for a minimum of 4.5 hours. The Nintendo Switch 2 could therefore have lower battery life than the currently marketed models of its big sister, including the Switch Lite and the OLED.

A much more powerful console?

A loss of autonomy which could be explained by a fairly significant increase in the console’s performance. Activision Blizzard spoke of a power equivalent to that of the PS4, when credible sources mentioned support for ray tracing and DLSS from Nvidia. The Nintendo Switch 2 would in any case be capable of running the technical demo of The Matrix Awakens and even Zelda Breath of the Wild in 4K. Major efforts on a technical level which could then directly impact the autonomy of the console. All this information is obviously to be taken conditionally until Big N has communicated about its next machine. Until then, we’re not done with the rumors.

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