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The numbers of Superliga fall during the first days

The Spring Split 2023 from Super League has already started. The first week has come to an end and it is this Tuesday when we start a new chapter in the history of this campaign. Now, with a few days off, we already know the statistics of the first broadcasts of the national competition compared to last year’s numbers.


The rise of KOI and Team Heretics to the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) has left us their academies in the Super League. This, of course, has made the interest accentuate in the older teams, so the academies have been in the background. And of course this has translated into lower numbers in terms of viewers and audience peaks.

The Super League loses audience compared to 2022

Throughout these three days, the Super League has accumulated a total of 622,592 hours viewed, 9.8% more than last year. Of course, it must be taken into account that we find one more day than in 2022 since the league started with a super week. That is why this statistic cannot be taken as a notable growth either.

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If we go to the spectators, here we find the problem. in 2022 the peak of viewers went up to 196,366, something that this year we have not found. And it is that it has fallen by 42.4%, which has become 113,075 viewers. Regarding the average number of viewers, it is also lower compared to 2022. Last year the average remained at 50,769 viewerswhile this has fallen to 34,589, which translates into a decrease of 31.9%.

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We will see the evolution of the league in terms of viewership and if finally these numbers end up becoming something daily or, on the contrary, they change for the next days.

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