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The opening of Dead Island 2 takes us on a trip through a bloody Los Angeles

With less than a month to go before Dambuster Studios’ Dead Island 2 hits PC and consoles, something most people probably never would have bet on around this time last year. But regardless, the game is almost here, and as part of its extensive pre-fan hype campaign, THQ Nordic has shared the opening sequence for the title.

This short video takes us on a journey through bloody and very gory Los Angeles, and exemplifies quite well why the place is called Hell-A in the game. We see the blood-spattered Hollywood Walk of Fame, a haunting Santa Monica Pier, and what appears to be Beverly Hills completely devastated.


Check out the video below, read some of our thoughts in our trailer here, if you want to be well prepared for Dead Island 2 when the April, the 21st.

Dead Island 2