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The original Mafia is completely free for a limited time to bring the underworld to your library

2K Games had already warned us a few days ago and it has finally been confirmed. The original delivery of Mafia It is totally free for us to take it to our library at no cost on PC. Although beware, it will be for a limited time.

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We can claim the game from today, September 1, until next September 5. If we do it at some point between these dates we will have no problem keeping it forever.

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Mikhail Gorbachev is an icon of video games: this has been the passage of the Soviet leader through the industry



We are in 1930, at the height of the mafias in the United States. Tommy Angelo he arrives in the underworld by accident and the Salieri family will begin to reward him handsomely for his work.

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Up to 20 square kilometers to explore New Heaven, more than 20 quests, period designs and a multitude of options. Mind you, the copyrighted soundtrack is not available on this reissue.