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The Outer Worlds 2: Obsidian hints at what we can expect from the sequel

Obsidian Entertainment is proving to be a very prolific studio. Just a few months ago they surprised locals and strangers with penanceand they have on their hands the ambitious Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2 (supposedly in development for over three years), the sequel to the action RPG called the successor to Fallout New Vegas that they launched in 2019, just over a year after Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

The next 7 of Marchin collaboration with Virtuos, will hit stores The Outer Words: Spacer’s Choice Editiona remastering of the role-playing game for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series that we are talking about in this article where we have been able to interview the developers, whom we asked what things applicable to the sequel have you learned from working with the latest generation machines from Microsoft and Sony.

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“I can’t think of anything that isn’t going to reveal things,” he replies. Tim Cain, co-director of The Outer Worlds together with Leonard Boyarsky and main designer of fallout. “I think it’s safe to say that we can do bigger levels, which is something I wanted to do for the original game. There are many more cycles [de procesamiento] available to make a more complex artificial intelligence, deeper combat features, more detailed animations…”.


“I’m trying to say everything in general so as not to reveal anything,” admits the creative, “but every time you make a game and you have to look at what is the lowest common denominator, it’s what you have to aim for because you want the maximum number of people to play, you don’t want people to say, ‘Oh, this doesn’t work well on my… PS4.’ But you can do more with these new consolesand of course, PCs.”

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Does Xbox Series S limit development? “Yes and no”, according to Obsidian

About this “lowest common denominator” we raise another question: it limits in some way the ideas that can be included in a game by having to also launch it in xbox series s?. “Yes and no,” replies the studio producer, Eric DeMilt. “You have to take it into account, of course. But modern games have a lot of scalable settings. For example, Spacer’s Choice Edition It’s 60 FPS and 4K, but it’s 1080p on Series S because it’s different hardware.”

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“You can’t ignore it, you can’t develop your game and just have it work and fit on PS5, Series X and PC, and just cross your fingers that it runs on Series S. You have to develop it on both, test it on both… But the difference is not so great that scalability adjustments are useless and you have to make a fundamentally different game.”