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The Pathless comes to Xbox and Nintendo Switch on February 2

Annapurna Interactive and developer Giant Squid (A.B.Z.) have announced that The Pathless launch its Xbox Series, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions on February 2. A physical edition for the Nintendo console is planned by iam8bit and Skybound Games whose details will be known later.

The title debuted on November 12, 2020 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC and Apple Arcade. It allows us to embody the Huntress, “a master of the bow who travels to a mystical island to end the darkness that plagues the world.” We will connect with the eagle to glide through the air, Execute fancy stunts and shoot with an archery systemshooting effortlessly and moving at high speed.

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But in the forest huge corrupt spirits lurk and not everything will be a walk. We will use the skills to hunt them carefully not to become the prey. “Engage in epic battles against cursed beasts to restore light to the land. Uncover the island’s sinister history as you solve puzzles in ancient ruins and leap through the treetops,” says Giant Squid.

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A unique and simple adventure recreated in an incredibly striking way

“The images that we can contemplate while we play will surely remain engraved in the retinas of many users due to their epic character and majestic artistic beauty, following in this case what is marked by other titles such as ABZU either Journeybut adding somewhat more “complex” mechanics inherited from classics like the saga Zelda“, we highlighted in the analysis. “It is a pity that it does not last longer (about five hours, although it is replayable) and that very specific moments, such as the stealth factor, are not as careful as the rest of the game, because if that were the case, we would be talking about one of the most outstanding surprises of the season“.

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