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The performance of AMD Zen 5 CPUs will be 36% more than Zen 4

the performance of amd zen 5 cpus will be 36%

Youtube channel TMN has made a “filtration” of the performance of the AMD Zen 5, which, if true, would mark the largest generational leap between the different generations of x86 CPUs from Lisa Su’s company in recent years. Even more than the jump from Zen 2 to Zen 3. All this would be reinforced by new performance data that allows us to get an idea about this expected generation of microprocessors.

The reality is that the performance of the future architecture zen 5 we know little, but enough to give us an idea that it will be a spectacular jump. Especially due to the fact that AMD announced that now each of the nuclei will be able to decode, you don’t run6 instructions per clock cycle, instead of the current 4. This equals its figure to that of Intel and increasing the parallelism at the instruction level in AMD CPUs, which will cause a significant jump in performance.


AMD’s future architecture scores 49,000 points in Cinebench R23

According to RGT, the configuration of 16 cores of the Ryzen 8000 reaches a performance of 49,000 points in the Cinebench R23 multi-core test. Which contrasts with the 36,000 points from the AMD Ryzen 7950X, and, therefore, we are talking about a 36% jump in performance from one generation to another. At the same time, the leak confirms that we will see the same variations as in previous generations in terms of the number of cores: 6, 8, 12 and 16.

Zen 5 TMN Performance

The tests have been done on a engineering sign, which are manufactured versions of the chip that are made to test the viability of the architecture at a physical level, with the aim of polishing the different bugs that are only detectable in this type of sample. So we are not facing the final version and there is room for improvement. And it is that we do not forget that they do not wait for the Ryzen 8000or whatever AMD calls them at the end, well into 2024 to compete against Intel Arrow Lake.


Jim Keller already gave us a preview of the performance of the AMD Zen 5

Jim Keller performance ARM x86 cores Intel AMD Zen

It was at the presentation of one of Tenstorrent’s CPUs, his company, where various architectures in the server processor market were compared. let’s not forget that Zen 5 will also be used in the next generation of AMD EPYCwhose code name is Turin.

Bliss comparison You can see it in the slide above, and it is based on SPECTINT2K17. As can be seen, the highest performance figure is that of Zen 5 with 8.84 pointsstanding above the 7.45 points from Sapphire Rapids and the 6.80 Zen 4/Genoa points. So we are talking about an intergenerational jump of more than 30% according to Jim Keller’s predictions.

Although what is really impressive is to see how the jump from Zen 4 to the future Zen 5 architecture will be the highest made by an AMD CPU in recent years, even more than that from Zen 2 to Zen 3. So, to Unless Intel surprises us with the capabilities of the Arrow Lake P-Core, we may be looking at the most powerful x86 core ever. The only bad thing? We will have to wait until next year to get our hands on it.


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