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The Peruvian game Tunche will be free on the Epic Games Store (from March 30 to April 6, 2023)

Next will be a big week for Latin American games. It will not only go on sale the mexican metroidvania 9 Years of Shadowsbut we can get the Peruvian game for free Tunche Thanks to the Epic Games Store.

Tunche is a game developed by the Leap Game Studio team, based in Lima, Peru. It is a ‘beat em’ up game’ with mechanics of ‘roguelike‘ in which a group of friends must discover why the beast that gives the game its name has gone mad and restore peace in the Amazon. It has the special participation of the protagonist of A Hat in Time.


We recommended this title some time ago for being one of the few games inspired by Latin American indigenous cultures and developed in this region.

How to get the Peruvian game Tunche free on Epic Games Store

You can add it for free to the Epic Games Store library by going to the game’s page in the store between 10:00 am (Colombia, Peru and Ecuador time) on Thursday, March 30 and the same time on Thursday, April 6, 2023. Then they must click on the ‘Get’ button.


Once they have it in their libraries it will be theirs forever.

Remember that you must log in with your Epic Games account (the same one with which you log in to Fortnite) and have two-factor authentication turned on. Once the free week passes, the game will recover its cost of 28,789 Colombian pesos.

Source: Epic Games Store


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