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The players with the most points in the Super League Fantasy

Today will be held Day 3 of the Super League and we are all waiting to see how the different teams that make up the competition close the week. We will find out if UCAM Tokiers Y Movistar Riders manage to end the week with a 3-0 in favor or if KOI Y jokers they manage to add their first victory of this Spring Split 2023.

In the face of all that is to come, the fans are already preparing their rosters for the fantasy. Those squads with which they will compete and try to score as many points as possible. For now, we are going to show you those players who add more points in the Fantasy of this Super League. Now, it will be your decision to use those players or opt for others that are not from those teams.


These are the best players in the Super League Fantasy

Before the possibility of creating your rosters, we are going to leave you the best players to date. Although we already know the Super League and we know that anything can happen, having a graph that helps us decide the team can be very viable. Below we show you the best players by position and their score to date:

  • toplane: Doxy (UCAM Tokiers) –> Accumulate 54 points.
  • Jungle: Mart (UCAM Tokiers) -> Accumulate 71 points.
  • Midlane: Hatrixx (UCAM Tokiers) –> Accumulate 78 points.
  • ADC: Supa (Movistar Riders) –> Accumulate 81 points.
  • support: Alvaro (Movistar Riders) –> Accumulate 45 points.
  • Coach: Fintinhas (UCAM Tokiers) –> Accumulate 70 points.

As you can see, most of the players are from UCAM and Riders. That is why you cannot form a roster with all these players. However, spare parts can be found at legolas (61 points), Random (57 points) or Akre (56 points).

Be that as it may, pay attention to all the clashes because very interesting matches are coming up today. A UCAM against Team Heretics or a Riders against Giants let us see that today’s Super League day can give us more than one surprise.


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