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The Pokemon Lechonk stars in new events as part of a special celebration

As part of the annual promotional campaEsports Extrascalled together with pokemon, The Pokemon Company is going to give Pokemon trainers from all over the world the opportunity to feel part of this great celebration. By putting a spotlight on different Pokemon throughout 2023, the company responsible for pocket monsters will allow the community to discover and learn more about a series of unique Pokemon.


The first phase of this campaEsports Extrashas been baptized as Discover Pokemon togetherbegins today and has as its main protagonist Lechonk, a cute Normal Type Pokemon which first appeared in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple and that, as you well know, is based on the Iberian pig. In the video that we have attached just above these lines you can see the creature looking for berries in a natural environment; You can learn more about this species in this link.

Events and products to participate in Lechonk

TCG Pokemon Scarlet and Purple expansion launch with special promotions

Trainers will have the chance to discover Lechonk by playing the new expansion for the hit Pokemon Trading Card Game from scarlet and purple, which is available today in Booster Packs, Lite Trainer Boxes, and Special Collections at regular retailers around the world. The new expansion, which is inspired by video games Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purplepresents a renewed version of the Pokemon exa game mechanic based on Pokemon that have high HP and powerful attacks and abilities, and also introduces the former Teracrystal Pokemon in TCG Pokemon. On top of all this, Trainers can add a Flying teratype Lechonk to their set. Pokemon Scarlet either pokemon purple picking up a download code at GAME stores in USA, from March 31 to April 14. More information here.


Activities focused on Lechonk in Pokemon Unite

Players will be able to discover Lechonk in Pokemon Unite throwing a berry at the Lechonks to get a free Lechonk-inspired border, stickers, and other items, from March 31, 2023 to April 18, 2023.

Cartoon channel of this celebration on TV Pokemon

To commemorate Lechonk’s passion for the best berries, Trainers can find a special channel on pokemon tv with episodes of the cartoon series dedicated to pokmon berries. These episodes can be viewed from today through April 14 on the Pokemon TV app, which is available for mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch system, as well as on