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The Pokemon Snorlax receives its own official site and networks

One of the most beloved Pokemon by the public, Snorlax, now has a personalized brand in Japan to spread its already famous image on networks. The Pokemon Company launched Project Kabigon (Snorlax in Japanese), an official site focused on the sleepy Pokemon that will soon have more participation. The confirmation of Pokemon Sleep in the past Pokemon Direct is one of his next forays.

Project Snorlax also has official accounts on social networks such as Instagram and Twitter, in which the Pokemon is seen as a giant stuffed animal and on a subway passenger mural. Snorlax of course is also part of the line of shirts Pokemon Shirts. With these images Snorlax conveys his calm and relaxed state of mind, which doesn’t minimize his incomparable strength.

snorlax pokemon nets
Pokemon shirts featuring Snorlax.

This campaEsports Extrasfocuses on specific events, merchandise and all kinds of products and services, among which it classifies Pokemon Sleep. Other Pokemon like Eevee and Piplup received their own projects in 2017 and 2021 -respectively- following the same bases.

Recently, the Pokemon Center stores in the United Kingdom launched the Snorlax Squishmallow, stuffed animals with special filling to squeeze without losing their shape. They also count as de-stress products, so nothing better than Snorlax for this.

The good Snorlax.

Fountain: Twitter


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