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The Precinct is like GTA: Chinatown Wars on the side of the law

the precinct is like gta: chinatown wars on the side

Like all years, Codemasters is tasked with delivering an increasingly polished experience for Formula 1 fans. These are the ones who eagerly await the release of the official game of the highest category of motorsport every year. The time has come and on June 16 EA will launch F1 23. So in our review or analysis of F1 23 We will know if Codemasters has succeeded with the changes applied to the physics of the game.


In F1 23Codemasters —to bring your video game closer to the most casual audience— has returned the campaEsports Extrasmode that debuted in F1 21. Braking Point 2 is a film campaign, which places us at the beginning of 2022 when the new Konnersport Racing team joins the season. Most Brake Point 2 We will live the events through the eyes of Aiden Jackson, protagonist of the first installment of this mode in F1 23. However, in some sections we will be able to control the second Konnersport driver. This is Devon Butler, who is also the main antagonist of Aiden Jackson’s adventure.

With Brake Point 2 Codemasters consolidates a fun universe and tells a story —which despite falling into the typical cliches— manages to connect with the player.

The story of F1 23 call “Braking Point 2″ it evolves thanks to multiple perspectives, such as that of the team owner and other members of the team. This allows —those people who do not follow this sport closely— to have a vision of the world of Formula 1 through various characters and their respective roles.

Reputation is the most important

In Brake Point 2 we will be able to relive all the cinematographic scenes.

The structure of Brake Point It is still the same as we saw two years ago. However, those purists of this motor sport may be disappointed. This due to the low difficulty. Since this is quite low and the main and secondary objectives are not difficult to beat. Additionally, the facts of Brake Point 2 they are entirely designed to stick to the objectives. So even if we win races or are always on the podium, our team will continue to have financial problems.

Some of the topics covered in the emails or news are based on controversial facts from real life. Something quite remarkable coming from an official F1 licensed product.

Leaving the above aside, it should be noted that emails and the news contribute their grain of sand to the player’s immersion in this campaign. This is due to the fact that in one or another anecdotes from the history of Formula 1 are dealt with along with reports from the contemporary scene. This is a great reason to learn about the highest category of motorsports while we play.

how does it feel to play F1 23?

The Las Vegas track debuts in November in Formula 1, but in F1 23 we can already race on it.

One of the great additions Codemasters has made to F1 23 is the introduction of Precision Drive technology. This allows players using controllers—and not steering wheels—to have better control of the brake and throttle. However, getting a setup that works requires some basic knowledge and is part of the game’s learning curve. However, casual gamers will need to become very familiar with the Codemasters title in order to make proper use of the Precision Drive.

Codemasters has added to F1 23 a series of improvements, which have been suggested by the game community. So the players in F1 23 they will be able to choose a 35% race distance mode. This type of route is usually used by electronic sports (esports) tournaments. TO F1 23 the “Red Flags” have also been added. This element plays an important role in and can even decide the outcome of a race. This helps a lot, not only to familiarize players who don’t know Formula 1 with this sport, but it also gives F1 23 of a little more realism and immersion for a seasoned fan looking to have a good time with this driving game.

F1 World, is a menu where we will find the classic modes of the games of F1 and we can also find tests and challenges to overcome with the vehicles we design.

Our review of F1 23 We ran it on high settings, reaching a maximum of 108 FPS, according to Steam’s frame counter, in the race and never falling below 60 in heavy weather environments and vehicle curves. This review of F1 23 de Steam was built with a Ryzen 7 3700X CPU, 16GB of RAM, and an 8GB Radeon 5700 GPU.

F1 23
In summary
F1 23 It is a game that with each version solidifies its intentions to become a competitive standard and that knows very well how to maintain a balance between the ‘hardcore’ and the casual. This is represented in each playable mode of F1 23, where players have varying degrees of difficulty and depth when it comes to customizing vehicles or in advanced difficulties strategizing to achieve a podium finish in a race. However, the heart of the Codemasters game lies in F1 World, this content hub for the game is similar to what EA offers in games like FIFA.

It is very likely that, with the mass that this motor sport has achieved in recent years, EA’s objective is to exploit it as they did at the time and continue to do with Ultimate Team. This is not bad. However, this type of evolution may not be liked by a part of the public.

Review made using a digital copy for Steam of F1 23 provided by Electronic Arts.


F1 23 from Codemasters is also available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X.