The price of expansion cards continues to skyrocket and Microsoft does nothing to fix it

When Xbox Series was announced, we all quickly realized that the only official way to expand the storage of the machine was to check out at a third party, SEAGATE. Using a proprietary solution does not have to be bad per se, you really avoid many compatibility and certification problems, so it makes sense that Microsoft opted for a partner for this adventure.

However, two years after the launch of both models, X and S respectively, We continue to see how the price of expansion cards continues to skyrocket. Not only is there no official price drop, but in some territories it has even ended up rising in price.

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The price of Xbox expansion cards continues through the roof

Of course, you can always find it with a temporary discount, but this is a patch. The problem here is a broken promise from Microsoft itself, which assured us at the Xbox Series presentation that more partners would become part of those chosen to license storage options for the console. Reality? Well, the reality two years later is that we can only count on SEAGATE, which, being the only competitor, can set prices and options as they like.

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Not a few users are complaining about this, I have lost count of Reddit threads that I have come to read especially in recent months. To see the evolution of the product on Amazon, I have used an extension for Edge called “Keepa” and that allows you to have this type of information. You can see how its price has inflated in December and then apply derisory discounts of 4 or 6%. In the statistics, you can see how the base model has come to cost up to 300 euros…

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xbox series expansion card prices xbox 2 generation

xbox series expansion card prices xbox 3 generation

We urgently need Microsoft to open up the ability to use Xbox Velocity Architecture to other storage vendors; Because otherwise there is no competition, and without competition… they laugh at us with the prices.

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