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The price of Xbox Series X / S consoles rises in Sweden | we are xbox

Recently, the price of Xbox Series X/S consoles went up in Sweden. This is not a hasty decision, since price increases have been incorporated country by country for a few months. First, as if trying to soften the ground, Phil Spencer already predicted this scenario in an interview. Compared to its most direct competition, the Xbox ecosystem maintained its standard price for a long time.

As a result of the precarious global economic situation, the Xbox business saw raising the prices of its products as a very plausible possibility. In the first moment, It was promised that during the holidays (Christmas 2022) we would not see any price increaseso the changes would become a reality throughout 2023.

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Xbox Series X/S go up in Sweden

The price of Xbox Series X / S consoles rises in Sweden, as well as in India or Japan

First, the case of India was presented, in the month of November, where a price increase was raised for the next-generation Xbox hardware.. This a few days after Phil Spencer’s statements. Given this, Xbox USA manifested itself through this medium and reported that a price increase was not planned in this country in the month and a half that remained until 2022.

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After a promised Christmas break, January once again led to a rise in prices for these consoles, this time in Japan. The selection of this country for a price increase was surprising, in part, because the Xbox brand was on track to compete in optimal conditions against Nintendo or Sony. The truth is that, compared to other countries, Japan’s economy helps the consumer to withstand this slight blow.

In February, the Xbox Series X/S goes up in Sweden, a country with 10 million inhabitants. The Xbox Series X (SEK 5,695 to SEK 6,195) goes up by around 45 euros, while the Xbox Series S (SEK 3,595 to SEK 3,894) goes up by around 25 euros. As Microsoft repeats every time it is asked about this topic, its way of operating is to evaluate the impact of prices in targeted regions. Thus, the situation of each market is studied individually and a middle point is sought between company and consumer.