The production of the iPhone 15 would have already been reduced

the production of the iphone 15 would have already been

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The production of the iPhone 15 would have already been reduced

It seems that even Apple itself is not immune to the current market situationand that is why there are already reports that They have reduced the production of their iPhone 15. This news is quite curious, since this production has been cut even before the company officially announced its new line of smartphones.

Among the reasons there are many: from the sales forecasts themselves, due to the current market situation, to the problems they are facing to bring your new device to life. If we add to this that all iPhone 15 will experience a price increaseas it is clear that many elements have been put together that will make these devices more popular during their launch.

iPhone 15: production problems and low user expectations

iPhone 15 Pro tactile buttons

According to the analyst jeff puApple would have reduced the production of iPhone 5 devices from 83 million units to 77 million. Among the problems, lower than usual demand, together to a supply problem It also affects the mass production of your devices.

To begin with, it is stated that Apple still in trouble with Sony. Specifically, Sony is not up to Apple’s demands. This involves problems with shipments of its photographic sensors for the camera of the new device. On the other hand, it is indicated that the company has also had problems with the new design. of the frame of the iPhone 15 Pro made of titanium. Finally, they have also had problems with their new panels with thinner bezels. Come on, they make two small changes and have problems, like asking them to stop recycling the desEsports Extrasof their devices.

Luckily for Apple, these problems have been added to the fact that the demand for its iPhone 15 will fall. The market situation, and the lack of news with its new devices, has meant that iPhone 15 sales will be lower compared to those of the iPhone 14. Or at least that will be the case during its launch.

The new iPhones would be up to 100 dollars more expensive

Apple iPhone 15 Pro raises price

According to rumors, the iPhone 15 Pro will be the models that experience the highest price increase. Across the pond, this price is expected to increase by 100 dollars. Now, in our territory this could translate into more than 100 euros.

Currently, the iPhone 14 Pro have a starting price of 1,321.60 euros. On the other hand, the iPhone 14 Pro Max they start at 1,471.60 euros. In this way, you can already imagine what it means to talk about some more expensive iPhone 15 Pro. Faced with even more expensive devices, with a similar design, and features that between one generation and another, offer no advantage.

It must be recognized that a large part of the Apple user live from posturing. That is why it does not make sense for them either to buy the best smartphone, if visually it looks like an iPhone 11. There are small changes, but in daily use, the less knowledgeable will not know what device you have beyond the fact that it is an iPhone. visuallyBetween the iPhone 14 and 15, the only visual difference would be to implement a telephoto lens, and thinner bezels for the panel.

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