The Project Q battery, the PS5 laptop, would last a maximum of 4 hours

Tom Henry

The Project Q battery, the PS5 laptop, would last a maximum of 4 hours

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Sony surprised at its recent PlayStation Showcase by showing the public its portable accessory for PlayStation 5 dedicated to Remote Play, offering the option of using Wi-Fi to play games already installed on the console. Apparently, and as collected from TheGamer, the battery life of the device known as Project Q would have been leaked, and it is not much. Tom Henderson, from Insider Gaminghas revealed that the battery would have a run of about three or four hours maximum: “Prepare yourselves, because Insider Gaming knows that the battery life of the Project Q will be around 3-4 hours.. Yes, you have read it correctly. Q is in the same brand as the DualSense, which has a short battery life I guess.”

If the rumor is true, Project Q will have a lower battery life than Nintendo Switch OLED

Tom Hendersona regular industry leaker who once specialized only in call of dutyalso anticipates that this could lead to sales problems for Sony: “If the commercial version of Project Q has a battery life of 3 to 4 hours, the device could be a hard sell for Sony. People are already skeptical of its success, since the handheld is only used with Remote Play,” he added. “But I think ultimately the success of Project Q will depend on its price.” We still do not know what price this portable accessory will haveso it is early to pronounce.

Nintendo Switch OLED battery can last up to 9 hours, so this first figure that is advanced in the rumor is a bit surprising. For now we know that Project Q has an 8-inch high-definition screen, as well as all the buttons and functions of the PS5 DualSense and that it does not run the games directly, but rather plays them from the main console. Jim Ryan said he hoped “to be able to share more information in the near future.” and that Project Q will arrive this same 2023.

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