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The #ProtestoEnAceAttorney campaign begins so that Ace Attorney can be translated into Spanish

apollo justice: ace attorney trilogy coming to nintendo switch next

We recently learned of the announcement of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy for Nintendo Switch. Well, now we get news about it.

And it seems that a new campaEsports Extrashas already started to get this title arrived translated into Spanish. For now, it has not been confirmed that it will be available in this language when it launches in 2024, so many fans are joining it so that Capcom offers it to us in our language.


For it, has been opened a petition on where we can show our support for the cause. This is the message that can be read there: “We want to ask Capcom to translate the Ace Attorney video game saga into Spanish. We think this would be great news for all fans of the series and for those who haven’t had a chance to play these games yet.”

they add these reasons:

  1. There are a large number of fans of the series in Latin America and USA who find it difficult to play the games in their original language and non-USAvariants.
  2. The translation could attract more players and therefore cover a larger market, which would mean more sales for Capcom.
  3. The Ace Attorney series is famous for having a very well developed story and characters. We believe that a USAtranslation would allow even more people to enjoy this great series.
  4. These days, video games are a very popular form of entertainment all over the world. The translation of these games into USAwould make them more accessible to a wider audience by telling the saga with so many lines of text.
  5. Ultimately, we believe that fans of the series deserve the chance to experience these games in their native language or at least in as neutral a way as possible. We are really very interested because we love the series and the other languages ​​are very difficult for us.

“In summary, we ask Capcom to seriously consider the idea of ​​translating the Ace Attorney video game saga into Spanish,” the message concludes. “We are sure that this would be good news for fans of the series around the world and that it will help expand sales. We look forward to Capcom making our request come true.”

Also the hashtag has been launched #ProtestAtAceAttorney:


Will you join the cause? Leave it in the comments!