The PS3 emulator for PC, RPCS3, improves its performance: up to +20% in GOW 3

the ps3 emulator for pc, rpcs3, improves its performance: up

Tom Henry

The PS3 emulator for PC, RPCS3, improves its performance: up to +20% in GOW 3

RPCS3 emulator is well loved by PC users, and because it is given so much support and support it gets better as time goes by. Scrutinizing the ins and outs of PS3 performance, given how opaque Sony was, is still partly a mystery, but solutions are slowly being found, and from what we’re about to see, it looks like a good step forward has been made. . And it is that RPCS3 has managed to increase the performance of GoW III in no less than 20%. Are we closer to 120 Hz sustained on PC?

The RPCS3 team has published a rather concise Tweet where they have shown the before and after of their emulator, curiously comparing what they achieved in February of this year and what was done yesterday. The result is a halo of hope to be able to enjoy the extra performance of a large part of the titles of the Sony console on any PC in the world.

A big step forward in performance with its August version


This emulator is open source and is designed for players to remember a large number of PS3 titles on PC, but above all, and we always forget, so that the legacy of the Sony console lasts longer, even if it is on another platform.

Future players will be able to enjoy what many of us played in the past, they will be able to remember with us those mythical titles, like God of War III, which is still a work of art. And precisely, the RPCS3 team has used this game to show the increase in performance that downloading the latest version of this emulator entails.

The hardware used was a Ryzen 7 5700Xan affordable CPU and powerful enough to provide very high performance in current demanding games at a medium-low cost today.

GoW III achieves 20% more performance with RPCS3

The company’s tweet is concise and affirms what was said regarding the doubts about how technological innovations were being promoted to preserve what was achieved by the Sony console, its PS3. Therefore, here are the data:


As we can see, there is barely an increase in the use of the CPU, since from the 41.9% from the same one goes to 43.2%In addition, with fewer resources used from the Host (104 vs. 108). What is achieved is an increase in the use of resources used by the game engine, where 71% is passed to nothing less than 84%.

Regarding the FPS, from 84.16 and 11.9 ms of performance is increased to 101.38 and 9.9 msan increase of no less than the 20.46% to be specific. Taking into account that in some titles the improvement will be lower, we can almost safely say that we will have at least a double-digit increase from one version to another.

counting on almost 70% of PS3 titles are already playable on PC Thanks to RPCS3, this emulator performance boost brings us one step closer to high, or at least constant, FPS rates.

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