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The puzzle game ‘Seven Doors’ is now available on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch consoles

The publisher SOEDESCO and the development studio Indigo Studios have announced through a press release that Seven Doors, the first-person puzzle video game, is now available digitally for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Both companies have also revealed that the video game is available on all the aforementioned systems at a affordable price of 4.99 euros; the title is compatible with the option Smart Delivery Xbox. We leave you with a small trailer that summarizes the characteristics of the game:

An adventure that will invite you to rack your brain

“In Seven Doors You will be introduced to a world of puzzles where you must decipher secret languages, investigate clues or avoid deadly traps. The game will take you along 10 fully atmospheric levels, each with its own symbology. From a classically baroque setting to a Esports Extrasntic chess board, you’ll realize that no two rooms are the same… so thinking the same way is wasting time. Take your brain to the limit and discover the many mysteries that are hidden behind Seven Doors accompanied by an immersive soundtrack”, reads its description.

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