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The Quarry: Duration, Co-op and Scope

The Quarry is the latest play-along horror film from the creators of Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures Anthology. In it, she follows a group of young people to a mysterious summer camp and, as you might expect, a lot goes wrong there. You can get all information about the playing time, co-op and scope of The Quarry here!


Playing time of The Quarry

In The Quarry, you control the destinies of 9 characters and depending on the choices you make throughout the game, all, few or none survive the murderous night. The playing time also differs accordingly. Basically, you can count on the following playing times until the credits flicker across the screen:

  • For an average run, you will approx. 10 hours playing time require.
  • Unless you search the areas thoroughly and miss clues, the group’s chance of survival will decrease and fewer characters may survive. This can the Reduce playing time to approx. 6 hourssince then later sections with the deceased characters are omitted.
  • If you want to discover all of the optional paths or unlock all of The Quarry’s trophies and achievements, you’re good to go 30-40 hours employed. But this is also due to the fact that cutscenes cannot be skipped even with repeated playthroughs.
  • The Quarry also offers one as an option film mode on. With this you can consume the game like a film that you for about 6 hours entertains.
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You can check out the launch trailer for The Quarry in the following video:

co-op and scope

The horror adventure includes a total of 10 chapters plus prologue and epilogue. The length of the chapters varies between 30 and 90 minutes. Along the way there are also numerous collectibles in the form of clues, tarot cards and proofs. These will help you to understand the story better and possibly save one or the other character.

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In addition to the single player mode, there is also a co-op mode in The Quarry, more precisely a co-op mode Two player couch co-op. You can assEsports Extrascertain characters to you and a fellow player, which you then control and make dialogue decisions. You’ll have to work together here to survive.

If you don’t feel like playing the actual game and just want to enjoy the story, you can alternatively select the film mode. Here you just set certain modifiers like “All Survive” or “All Die” and then watch the story unfold without your intervention. You can also assEsports Extrascertain traits to characters, which then influence their choices. So the outcome of the story remains surprising for you until the end.