The recovery of the Earth already has a date: Terra Nil arrives on March 28

Not even a week ago we had news about Terra Nil again, the ecological strategy and management title in which we will have to use technology to reverse the desertification and pollution that have turned the earth into a wasteland, and give it back the life and establish a sustainable ecosystem.

At that time we already told you that the title of Free Lives and Return Digital It would come out this spring, but it will also do so when the plants begin to put out the first buds: the 28th March. We have also learned that the game, in addition to its clear conservation intent and message, will have a duration between 6 and 8 hours and will have a wide range of possible biomes and species of fauna and flora with which to interact.

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Terra NilTerra Nil

In addition, the game will also be part of the growing portfolio of titles affiliated with Netflix at no cost for users of the platform, so it can be a good way to take advantage of it for everyone who needs to justify current spending, especially after the latest changes in account regulations.

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Throughout the pre-order period and until after launch, Free Lives will donate a portion of the proceeds from Terra Nil sales on Steam to the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

“From the beginning of development we wanted Terra Nil to have an impact in the real world,” he says. sam alfredco-creator and lead game designer.

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“After much searching, we found the perfect partner to make it happen in the Endangered Wildlife Trust. Free Lives will donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale of Terra Nil on Steam to the Endangered Wildlife Trust to help them in their efforts to preserve and restore ecosystems. In the real world”.

Terra Nil