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The release date of The Great War: Western Front, a World War I RTS, has been set | we are xbox

It is a fact, we already have the release date of The Great War: Western Front confirmed; Petroglyph Games, Veteran studio developing strategy games in real time (Star Wars: Empire at War, Command & Conquer Remastered Collection, 8-Bit Armies, etc.), has dated the release of its next World War I-set real-time strategy game, The Great War: Western Front.


We will be able to command troops in Trench Warfare starting March 30, 2023 through Steam and Epic. Also, the pre-purchase option is now available, both for its standard version and for the Victory Edition version, the latter comes with «a highly detailed digital field guide with bonus gameplay information, five stunning digital backgrounds, and the title’s haunting original soundtrack, created by award-winning composer Frank Klepacki». And, if you are not convinced by what you have seen in the promotional materials, you can sink your teeth into the demo that will be available during the next Steam Next Fest, which will be held on February 6; this demo will give us access to the tutorial and a fragment of his campaign, as well as a historical battle (battle of Passchendaele).

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release of The Great War: Western Front

Regarding the launch of The Great War: Western Front, this is what you should know about this RTS

If we had to summarize this promising strategy game in as few words as possible, I’d say it’s a milkshake consisting of real-time battles and turn-based grand strategy elements; think of a kind of Total War from the first world war or, with the difference that it is completely in real time, Knights of Honor. We could even mention the next installment of the iconic Company of Heroes saga, Company of Heroes 3, which, thanks to the new mode (Dynamic CampaEsports ExtrasMap) that integrates the franchise, also seems to use the same scheme (RTS + grand strategy ).


Now, in the voice of the developer, «As a field commander you will have to make tactical decisions in real time while you engage the enemy. Think carefully about how to proceed as you prepare the trenches and place the artillery, and keep in mind that the changes you make to the battlefield will carry over to future conflicts. As a theater commander you will feel the weight of the different decisions you make while coordinating and carrying out your plan. Each role presents a great opportunity, but you must be prepared to assume the price, whether more aware of the soldiers in the trenches or your national will. If you want your campaEsports Extrasto come to fruition, you will have to coordinate your plan of attack well with the different roles».

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«In addition to the Western European conflicts featured in the main campaign, in Historical Battles mode you can relive key conflicts accompanied by images from the massive archive at the Imperial War Museum in London. You can also create your own battles in Skirmish or test your mettle against other commanders in multiplayer mode.», Petroglyph specifies regarding the different game modes that we can enjoy in his most recent project. Remember that The Great War: Western Front will be released on March 30 via Steam and Epic.