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The release of Final Fantasy 14 and 15 affected the reputation of the saga, says Square Enix

Naoki Yoshidahead of final fantasy XIV and producer of final fantasy xvithe next numbered installment of Square Enix’s veteran role-playing franchise that has a very talented development team, has stated in a new interview granted exclusively to the Japanese magazine 4Gamer (via Wccftech) that the fourteenth final fantasy releases and Final Fantasy XV affected the reputation of the saga. Yoshida has also commented that the mistakes that were made in the premiere of both installments have been taken into account when developing final fantasy xviwhich will go on sale in summer 2023 and exclusively for PlayStation 5.

During the interview, the creative spoke about how the long development times of the last numbered installments of the saga meant that the younger generation of gamers did not have the opportunity to discover final-fantasy during his adolescence, thus making other franchises more popular. On the other hand, and as the most staunch fans will know, the premieres of final fantasy XIV Y Final Fantasy XV left a very bad impression: in the case of FFXIVthe release was so disastrous that it had to be withdrawn and re-released under the name To Realm Rebornwhile FF XV it was released as an incomplete game.

Everything we know so far about Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix is ​​putting all the meat on the grill with final fantasy xvi and even though Yoshida believes that it will be difficult to convince certain players who think this new final-fantasy suffer the same fate as the two previous installments mentioned, the team has full confidence in the project and ensures that it will be “impressive”. If you want to know all the details that we know up to the moment of final fantasy xviwe invite you to take a look at our complete report.

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