The RTX 4060 reaches its minimum price in Spain after a week on sale

Tom Henry

the rtx 4060 reaches its minimum price in spain after

It was last year when NVIDIA and AMD finally decided to launch a new generation of graphics cards. This is how the RTX 40 and RX 7000 appeared, along with its first high-end models such as the RTX 4090 and the RX 7900 XTX. Little by little, more graphics cards with lower features and prices have been revealed, finally reaching that long-awaited mid-range. However, the mid-range has not succeeded in sales and in just one week, we see how the RTX 4060 reaches its minimum pricein addition to discounts of the RTX 4060 Ti and RX 7600 below their official price.

For a few years now, buying a graphics card has become quite an odyssey. When COVID-19 started and the cryptomining became a popular activity, the GPU price skyrocketed. It was almost impossible to acquire one, the little stock that was there was taken by the miners and if you were lucky enough to find one, it was overpriced. In the end, mining stopped being profitable and everything supposedly returned to normal, with the difference that we kept seeing very high priced GPUs.

The RTX 4060 receives a 10% discount and costs less than 300 euros

RTX 4060 discount minimum price Coolmod

This generation of graphics cards has not raised those expected sales expectations. This is quite obvious if we look at the huge price increase of the NVIDIA RTX 40 and AMD RX 7000 compared to the last generation. That is why, although the high-end had great performance, most waited for them to be launched. mid-range models, which have always been one of the best price/performance options. Well, both the RTX 4060Ti, RTX 4060 and RX 7600 have disappointed ussince they barely provide improvements compared to the GPUs of a couple of years ago.

Of these, the RTX 4060 was the GPU with the worst launch sales, hitting stores just a week ago, on June 29. This launched with an official price (MSRP) of 329 euros and now we have found it selling for €299.95thanks to a 10% discount in the coolmod store.

In addition to the RTX 4060, Coolmod is also offering other mid-range graphics cards at a discount, thus lowering the prices in order to boost sales. So, we find ourselves with a RTX 4060Ti for only €399.95which implies a discount of 11% compared to the 449 euros of MSRP. In case NVIDIA was not what you were looking for and you wanted something from its main competitor AMD, there were also offers. So the RX 7600 which was officially launched at 299 euros, was now at €259.94that is, a 13% discount.

The RTX 4080 hits a new price floor: $999

RTX 4080 price discounts

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, we couldn’t find the RTX 4060, RTX 4060 Ti or RX 7600 for this price. These graphs or they have sold out like the RX 7600 in question or have returned to their original price after being sold at a discount. We can see that if the GPUs were listed at the advertised prices, so Only the fastest have been able to take them. But not everything ends here, since in addition to the RTX 4060 we find other GPUs such as the RTX 4080 with discounts on their price.

In fact, its price is also considered the minimum that has been reached, although this time we are talking about the US, where at Newegg the RTX 4080 is worth $999, a 16.6% less than the $1,199 it cost. The discount also comes to Europe, since it goes from costing 1,329 euros to €1,159, which implies a 12.7% discount. As for USA, we have seen it sell for around 1,200 euros and a couple of stores sell it for €1,180so it is quite correct.

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