The RTX 4090 are as big as a 3-tier sandwich, so much so that they need a stick with lights to keep them from falling

Tom Henry

The RTX 4090 Y 4080 They have already shown their claws in public after months and months of rumors and speculation about long-awaited graphics cards. We knew that we were facing real monsters for the gaming on PC, but the size of Ada Lovelace’s older sister has surprised locals and strangers. In fact, the first images suggest that they are so heavy as we imagined, so much so that Galax has decided that it is better sell one separately subjection in case one falls on the ground.

At the moment, we do not know the price, but The Verge medium has anticipated that the assembler’s GPU Galaxy it will occupy no less than 4 slots in our system. A monstrous desEsports Extraswith triple 102mm fans which have increased by 5mm from their previous RTX 3090 models.

This is not the most important thing, but that the American company has erred on the side of caution and has already registered an extra fan in case we need it, and a stick. Yes, you read correctly Galax will sell RGB Dark Obelisk, which we can basically translate as a PVC stick with RGB lighting that will seek to support the weight of our RTX 4090.

As the American portal advances, this support supports up to 5 KG of weight, so the 2 RTX 40 models will be safe. “As the heat sink expands, so does increases the effect of gravity”, explains Esports Extrasbyte. Still, GPU mounts they are not something new either within the world of PC hardware, but Galax has decided to make it even more eye-catching to the user than a simple stick with a stand.

This is one of the fears of many players or lovers of PC electronics, and it is that in the case of some RTX 30s, their weight makes them bend a little when placed horizontally on their motherboard. Considering the weight of this GPU, it is not surprising that these “sticks” are popularize with a view to bearing these huge new generation GPUs.

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