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The RTX 4090 Mobile is 168% faster than the RTX 3080 Ti


The RTX 4090 Mobile is 168% faster than the RTX 3080 Ti

When the RTX 40 for PC came out, we could see the huge performance leap that the top of the range, the RTX 4090, brought. even more. Now it is the turn of the RTX 4090 Mobile for laptops also promises a great up to 3.6 times better performance with DLSS 3.

The RTX 40 from NVIDIA have arrived much more expensive than expected, exceeding the 2,000 euros for the top of the range PC. But this does not end there, since now it is the turn of the models for laptops and as we have already seen, these will be very expensive. And it is that, just a few days ago, the prices of laptops were leaked with a RTX 4050 which began with the $1,199those who had the RTX 4070 for $1,699 and a MSI Titan with the RTX 4090 for nothing less than $4,699. As we can see, the company’s most powerful graphics card brings with it a considerable price increase. While we are talking about a premium laptop like the MSI Titan, other models would receive lower prices like the MSI Raider with the 4090 that would cost $3,999.

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The RTX 4090 Mobile is a beast, especially if we use DLSS 3

To see if laptops with RTX 4090 Mobile are really worth it, YouTuber Jarrod’s Tech has exclusively shown tests with them. Specifically, we are talking about the next Razer Blade 16 equipped with a RTX 4090 and a i9-13950HXwhich is even smaller than the Razer Blade 17 with a RTX 3080Ti and i7-12800H. Having these, we have proceeded to compare the top of the range of both generations, to see if there really is as much difference in performance as NVIDIA promised.

We start the tests with 5 games at a resolution 1440P and where has the comparison been RTX 4090 with DLSS 3 vs. RTX 3080 Ti with DLSS 2. Here we can an average improvement of the 111% to cyberpunk 2077A Plague Tale: Requiem and Warhammer 40,000: darktide achieve almost 130% and Microsoft Flight Simulator is left with a 162%. First of all we would have Portal with RTX and a 168% of performance improvement with the RTX 4090 Mobile and DLSS 3. Now it’s time to compare the results using only the RTX 4090 but turning DLSS 3 on and off.

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Here Microsoft Flight Simulator wins a 97.5%A Plague Tale: Requiem a 108%Warhammer 40,000: Darktide a 143% and Cyberpunk 2077 a 183.34%. Most impressive of all is Portal with RTX, which gets a 263.1% more FPS on average. Finally, a latency comparison is made when activating this rescaling technology that creates new frames. We can see that except for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the rest of games have less latency in msreducing in up to 54% in cyberpunk.

In Blender and video editing with DaVinci it is almost 2.4 times faster

If we now leave games behind, it remains to test the performance in programs of the RTX 4090 Mobile. In this case, Jarrod’s Tech has indicated that there would be hardly any differences due to the use of the CPU and for this it carried out benchmarks that depended totally on the GPU. So, using Blender 3.4.0 and Open Data Benchmark with the RTX 4090, found that this was a 72.4% faster in Junkshop, 93.2% in Classroom and even a 135.8% better in the render of Monster vs. 3080 Ti.

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To end the round of benchmarks, he decided to end it using DaVinci Resolve Studio, a well-known video editing program that takes advantage of the GPU more than its rivals. Here improvements have been found 126% by using so much 4K resolution like 8Kso the power and the 16GB of the RTX 4090 They are perfect for this type of work.

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