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the rules on shared accounts “were published in error”

Netflix has created a lot of controversy lately with its new policy to end account sharing. Actually it is not something new, since it has been warning for months that its objective was to end them and that we have to pay if we wanted to add new users. However, now Netflix has changed its mind, as they ensure that the shared account rules have been a mistake and will not apply to the United States.

These last few days have been a tug of war with Netflix, starting with warnings that the company was going to end shared accounts in 2023. Although the first thing we saw at the start of the new year was the resignation of Reed Hastingsits co-founder, just as the company announced record subscriber numbers. Just a few days after that news, Netflix has already unveiled its plan to end shared accounts. And it is that, the company assures that at least 100 million users share password to pay less.

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Netflix Changes Its Mind About Shared Paid Accounts

Netflix Shared Passwords

Netflix’s harsh measures towards shared accounts have raised an uproar around the world. It is clear that only the fact of having to pay for each additional user is already pulling many back. But everything does not end there, since the restriction that indicated the need to connect to the same IP generated a lot of inconvenience. Both for the relatives who live far away as for those who leave journeythe obligation to connect to the owner’s network every 31 days raised user complaints.

And regarding the price to pay for each user that we want to add, Netflix imposed a payment of 3 additional dollars. Compared to the IP restrictions, the price was not a concern, but of course this only applied to Latin American users. And that is how it has stayed, since Netflix ensures that the rules to end shared accounts they were posted by mistake. Now make sure that the US users are not included and will only apply to Chile, Costa Rica and Peru.

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We are saved for now, but until when?

Netflix Ads Money Advertising

Although they have made reference to the United States, Netflix has updated the information and for this it presents a new statement. In this they ensure that the measures imposed to end shared passwords will not apply to other countries. Therefore, we can breathe easy in USAalthough the truth is that the statement does not give more details.

“For a brief period of time yesterday, an article containing information that is only applicable to Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, went live in other countries. We have since updated it,” a Netflix spokesperson said. “

What if you have to keep in mind is that Netflix does not plan to withdraw and abandon its plan to end the use of shared accounts. It has started with Chile, Peru and Costa Rica, but soon it should reach the rest of the countries. In fact, a few weeks ago Netflix said it would be implemented during the first quarter of 2023, which ends in March 2023. For now, we set that date and will keep it in mind, because if they don’t change their minds again, it is likely to happen.

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