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The screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 starts to crack just before the end of the warranty

We are already at February 17, 2023 and with this, the launch date of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra has finally arrived. Far from celebrating this launch, we have before us news about Samsung Galaxy mobiles, but they are not the S23. And it is that, the Flexible screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is starting to crack and in some cases it has made Can’t use mobilebreaking the company’s promises of long life and strength.

The use of flexible OLED panels has allowed us to have devices like smartphones and laptops with folding screens. This new technology had a great heyday with the first products that used it, but we soon began to see the great drawbacks that it entailed. Broken screens, dead pixels and bugs After opening and closing these mobiles multiple times, the central fold stopped responding and many other problems. A few years have passed since then and companies like samsung have wanted to show that they learn from their mistakes and for this reason they have launched new supposedly more resistant versions.

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In just a few months, the screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 cracks

He Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 released in 2021 promised to be 80% harder and to demonstrate it, what better than the tests of JerryRigEverything. This popular YouTuber proved that Samsung was quite right and its new Galaxy Z Fold 3 does He managed to pass his endurance tests. Although to achieve this, it had to suffer a lot of cosmetic damage, blows, scratched screens and the occasional cut on the sides. But just like what happened with him Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra scratched by sand and that it showed that the Gorilla Glass Victus 2 was not as resistant as it was believed.

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With the Galaxy Z Fold 3 We are in a worse situation, since users have been reporting problems with the screen for some time. As we can see in this tweet, in just 5 months of use, the mobile screen began to crack. For more inri, Samsung does not agree to warranty replacement or repair and wants to charge you.

Samsung ignores the warranty and offers repairs for 500 euros or more

Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen cracks

The case of Twitter is from several months ago and it is something very unimpressive if we take into account other users who have been victims of this problem. And it is that, there are cases like Mizderrung’s on Reddit that showed how his Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 had the shattered screen. According to his explanation, the mobile broke in half after removing it from the wireless charger. He confirms that he has never dropped it and after contacting Samsung, it assures that if there is a blow, dead pixels and demands a payment of $700 for a repairignoring the guarantee.

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Another Reddit user, who had a Galaxy Z Fold 3 since 15 months agoHe assured that the screen made a loud sound when it opened and since then nothing has been the same. And it is that, it has a black stripe in the center, right in the fold, where no image is shown. Moreover, it confirms that the right screen does not provide any tactile feedback and only the left part works. Knowing that there were just a few months of warranty left before the two-year anniversary, the user proceeded to ask Samsung for a repair. The company is happy to do it, but not under guarantee, since it requires a payment of 479 pounds, about 540 euros.


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