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the SDK is already in the hands of the developers

the sdk is already in the hands of the developers

Intel has already sent game developers the SDK for the new version of its time scaling technology Intel XeSS 1.2. This implies that, without prior announcement, Intel has already managed to improve its scaling technology. Xe Super Sampling that competes directly with technology NVIDIA DLSS.

As expected, this new version of the technology will be compatible with older versions such as Intel XeSS 1.0 and 1.1. This means that, hypothetically, just replacing the file .dll, the latest version of this technology can be accessed in compatible games. Of course, at the time of writing there is nothing confirmed, but for example, this is not something new. This is what he’s been doing for a long time with NVIDIA DLSS. In this way, you can receive the improvements of the most modern version of the technology even if the developer does not implement it.


The Intel XeSS 1.2 arrives to continue improving the technology

Intel Arc A750 with Intel XeSS

You don’t have to be clever, an update is coming to bring improvements. For now, the information we have is very basic linked to the developers. In this way, everything can be summed up in that it has improved stability and performance. This implies that this new version will further increase the framerate of a game. Although for now, it is unknown what this improvement specifically translates into. Basically, until a game does not implement this versionand the .DLL file begins to move through the compatible games, we do not know for sure How much does this technology improve?.

  • API compatible with XeSS 1.0 and 1.1
  • Support for dynamic resolution scaling
  • Bug fixes, stability improvements and performance optimization
  • New bundled library libxess.dll to be redistributed with the application

Interestingly, we are talking about the version Intel XeSS we say curiously, because Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart had already debuted with a more recent version than the rest of the games, the ““. Although Intel XeSS is the newest scaling technology on the market, it not only manages to outperform other scaling techniques like AMD FSR, but also it even manages to match NVIDIA DLSS.

Besides, Intel technology is open sourceit is because of that any AMD or NVIDIA graphics card you can enjoy the performance advantages that this technology brings. Same thing with AMD. But of course, its counterpart only allows the use of its DLSS technology on GeForce RTX graphics.

Why is Intel’s scaling technology a direct rival to NVIDIA’s?


Quickly, why? Intel Arc GPUs also come with dedicated hardware to speed up the AI. This implies from a higher performance, both in the performance that it is capable of providing, and that the visual aspect will be less affected. Specifically, this dedicated hardware is the motors Intel Xe Matrix Extensions (XMX). These have 16 times more compute power to complete AI inference operations compared to traditional GPU vector units. That’s where the notable performance improvements of these technologies come from.

Although this technology is compatible with any GPU, when it comes down to it, the maximum performance will be found in Intel Arc graphics. The reason is that not having the XMX enginesan intermediate solution is sought by means of the DP4a instructions.


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