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The second season of The House of the Dragon confirms that it will have eight episodes

The House of the Dragon, the successful HBO spin-off of Game of Thrones, will have a second season of eight episodes. This also means that it will be two episodes shorter than the first season. Also, according to Deadline, the series is likely to return in summer of 2024.

The decision for an eight-episode season stems more for narrative reasons than an alleged cost cut by HBO. Considering the success of the 10-episode first season, it seems unlikely that the series will have budget problems.


It has also been reported that the directors believe they will receive lugreen z for a third season, and that this could be the end of The House of the Dragon. It is also being debated whether to close with the end of the third season or justify a fourth and final one. In any case, the end is in sight and The House of the Dragon will not last as long as its predecessor.

House of the Dragon (HBO Max)