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The series ‘The Last of Us’ increases the sale of its video games

Last monday January 16 The series started on HBO Max ‘The Last of Us’. As we have been able to verify after the first two chapters, it is that fidelity to video games is maximum. So much so that it was not necessary to have played the titles to understand everything that is happening. Of course, if you have spent your time in the Naughty Dog titles you will have realized that the scenarios are identical.


Well, such is the popularity of the series around the world that this has influenced the sale of video games. As they have revealed since gamesindustry.bizthe sale of the video game ‘The Last of Us’ has risen by up to 238% in the UK. Crazy numbers that demonstrate the quality of this television series. Not only that, but the remastered version for PS4 has also increased by 322%. An increase could have been expected, but something of this caliber was completely unsuspected.

The Last of Us returns in a big way thanks to the series

Considering that we are facing a 10 year old video game, we are facing some completely crazy numbers. Surely as the weeks go by we will see something similar with the second part. Of course, when talking about a much newer video game, won’t be as flashy as this first increment.

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For now, in the early hours of this Monday a second chapter was released that has also been very well received. The next monday january 30 The third episode will be released, of which there is already a lot of desire. Will this upward trend continue or as the days go by we will see less sales in ‘The Last of Us’ video games?

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