The Settlers reboot won’t be ready this month and is delayed indefinitely

Tom Henry

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One of the most anticipated releases to take place this month was The Settlers. In principle it should have gone on sale on March 17, but a change of plans has just taken place a few days after its arrival, since its creators have communicated that they need more time to finish it.

In the message they posted On twitter we can read that you have opted for delay it indefinitely, without providing a new date, so we do not know how long we will have to wait. What is clear to the team is that the game was not meeting the quality of the vision it had, so they will work to improve it even more.

With 25 years behind it, The Settlers II continues to be the installment to beat within the strategic universe of Ubisoft and Blue Byte

The closed beta that took place recently and the opinions deposited by the fans were enough to make it clear that the title needed even more time to perfect all aspects. That is why Blue Byte will take advantage of this additional time to meet the expectations of what is expected of this reboot.

Thus, fans of this real-time strategy game will have to be more patient to win the return of The Settlerswhich will have the return of Volker Wertichthe creator of the series who has returned to support all the new features that are planned to be introduced in the gameplay and its campaEsports Extrasbattles, challenges and its online multiplayer mode.


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