The Shazam! Sick of people watching Hollywood “trash”

the shazam! sick of people watching hollywood "trash"

Tom Henry

The Shazam! Sick of people watching Hollywood “trash”

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Zachary Levi, star of Shazam! and from Shazam! the fury of the gods, has spoken out against the amount of “junk” content in Hollywood, stating that people shouldn’t have to choose the good movies among all the garbage.

At a fan event in Chicago, Levi took the microphone and said the following: “Personally, I think a lot of content that comes out of Hollywood is crap, they don’t care enough to make it great for you. They don’t care.”

“How many times do you see a trailer and you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, this looks good! Then you go to the movie and you’re like, ‘This is what it is? They know that once you’ve bought the ticket and you’re in the armchair, they already have your money. And the only way to change any of this is to not go in the trash. We have to not actively pick the trash. It will help. It will help a lot.”

Currently, we’re seeing some setback against a lot of mediocre superhero movies at the box office. The last gasp of the DCEU hasn’t done much in terms of profits, and even the steamroller that is Marvel is starting to slow down in many cases, not yet in terms of revenue, certainly in critical reception. Basically, if you’re not Barbie or Oppenheimer this year, you’re also likely to have a tough time at the box office, superhero movie or not.

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