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The shooter Returnal shows new trailer for the PC release on Steam – Comes immediately with a co-op mode


The shooter Returnal shows new trailer for the PC release on Steam – Comes immediately with a co-op mode

Returnal is another title coming to PC that was originally released exclusively for PS5. In the new trailer, the shooter shows the features of the PC version. There is also a co-op mode.

What kind of game is this? Returnal is a third-person shooter with roguelike elements that was released exclusively for PS5 on April 30th, 2021 and will be available on February 15th, 2023 for PC on Steam and the Epic Game Store.

As the new trailer shows, the PC version of Returnal not only arrives with ray tracing and customized controls, but also with the co-op mode, which appeared on PS5 almost a year after the title was first released.

Survive on an alien planet with glowing enemies

What is Returnal about? In Returnal you fight as Selene for survival on an alien planet where you are cut off from any civilization after a crash landing.

What is particularly striking in Returnal is the implementation of the roguelike elements, because there is no escape for the protagonist from the threatening planet. Even failure is not a way out.

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Whenever Selene has to admit defeat, it affects the game world. So not only the planet changes, but also the equipment you can use with each new attempt.

Each failure initiates a new time cycle in which you have to start over and make new decisions. In the course of the story, these also affect the psyche of the protagonist.

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What makes Returnal special? A special feature of Returnal is above all the desEsports Extrasof the extraterrestrial opponents. The different creatures are inspired by bioluminescent creatures of the deep sea. These are organisms that can produce light on their own. Real-life examples include the crested jellyfish, vampire squid, and luminous jellyfish.

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In a PlayStation Blog post, Harry Krueger, creative director of Returnal’s Housemarque development studio, described the deep-sea creatures’ movements as “majestic and beautiful, but at the same time terrifying”. The goal of the studio was to imitate this combination of “chaotic beauty” and “nightmarish aggressiveness”.

If you are interested in the PC version of the shooter, you can read details about the system requirements of Returnal on MeinMMO.

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